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Is this an electrical vehicle or plug-in hybrid?

Electric or Hybrid

Select Yes if your vehicle is an electric, plug-in hybrid or self-charging hybrid electric vehicle.
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What is the vehicle's current mileage?

Current Mileage

Please tell us your current mileage. All vehicles must not have not been driven over 99,999 miles.
What was the purchase price of the vehicle?

Purchase Price

Please enter the cost of the vehicle paid. In the event of the claim, evidence would be required in the form of an invoice/receipt.
Do you have a full-service history for the vehicle?
A full service history is evidence that the vehicle has been maintained at every required interval since it was built. The service history book should be completed as evidence.
By clicking 'Yes', you are confirming the vehicle either has a full-service history or will have been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations within the last twelve months.
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What period of cover are you looking for?

Period of Cover

Please select the duration of your policy. This usually is the period of time you think you will keep your current vehicle.
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When did you purchase the vehicle?
When would you like the policy to start?
Additional Cover
Would you like Wear and Tear included in your policy?
Wear and Tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wearing and aging. Wear and Tear is present in over 70% of claims and is the most common reason for claim rejection.
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Types of warranty products

All warranty providers are backed by a trusted panel of insured and non-insured products which are covered by either the FCA or the Motor Ombudsman Body (MOB).

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